Women’s Waxing


Women's Waxing in Baltimore, MD

Looking for silky smooth skin? Put your razor aside and call us now and experience the most comfortable and fuss-free women's waxing in Baltimore.

We know hair removal can be tricky, especially with sensitive and intimate body parts that are hard to reach. But at Drip’n Wax and Spa, our wax specialists have your back and provide gentle and friendly women's waxing services in Baltimore. This is the reason why our clients love coming to us for their body, facial and bikini waxing.

We are not just a ‘me too’ salon but a trusted women's waxing salon near me in Baltimore that has spent years in researching the best treatment and mastering the delicate art of waxing. From treating the dark and dense underarm patches to reaching out to the de-fuzz parts of your body, our certified wax specialists are here to deliver the best-in-class full body waxing for women in Baltimore.

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Various Women’s Waxing Services We Offer

Brazilian/BTC wax

Let your growing trim be your biggest treat to get a radiant glow through Brazilian wax.

Full Leg – Brazilian

From your thigh crease right down to your toes. Enjoy the freedom of being hair-free with full-leg Brazilian wax – the secret to effortless confidence.

Half Leg-Brazilian

Lower half leg - from your feet to just above the knee or Upper half leg - knee to thigh crease.

Full Arm Wax

From your fingers to your shoulders, give a perfect touch to your skin with full arm wax.

Half Arm wax

From your fingers up to your elbow, get the ultimate grooming experience with half-arm wax.

Bikini Line Wax

A Brazilian wax removes hair from your bikini line, labia, pubic bone, and butt, often leaving you hairless.

Tight Bikini

Experience the most relaxing feeling on the first night into bed after getting a fresh tight bikini wax.

Full Back Wax

Be confident to wear backless with our full back wax services. You will start loving your skin.

Half Back Wax

Wax it either the top half or the bottom half of your back, and show the bolder version of yourself.

Tummy Strip

Get rid of unwanted body hair with our stomach strip waxing service that makes you more comfortable in your outfit.


Wear sleeveless and bold cuts by waxing your armpits and any stragglers to meet a sexier version of yourself.

Full Face (Waxing/Threading)

The secret to a glowing face is full-face waxing. Call us now to remove all your unwanted facial hair with as little discomfort as possible.

Brow (Wax, Threading)

Remove unwanted hair lines, frame your face, and make eyeballs turn at you with our brow threading services.

Brow+Lip (Threading & Waxing)

Get a simple and tidy look to your face with our brow and lip threading services.


No more razors. No more home kits. We remove all unwanted hair on your abs, lower belly, and happy trail with our painless and hassle free waxing services.


We can remove annoying nose hairs and tears with a simple and quick trick by applying our wax formula strips into both nostrils.

Blackhead Removal

Your skin pores are clogged with excess sebum and we treat them with acne and pigmentation treatment.

Full Neck Wax

Revitalize your entire complexion, whether man or woman, with our Full neck wax treatment and get ready for a more refined and radiant look.

Ears Waxing

Save you time every month by trimming and removing unwanted ear hair with our ear wax removal treatment.

Sideburns Waxing

Want to remove sideburns from your face? We have a permanent solution to treat unwanted hair from your face with laser treatment.

Upper Lip (Threading/Waxing)

Tired of covering your lip hair with makeup? Get our upper lip threading or waxing treatment now!

Chin Waxing

Invest in yourself. Invest in self-care to get a smooth and hair-free chin with our waxing services.