Facial Waxing


Facial Waxing

Keep your facial skin smooth, radiant, and hair free with our facial waxing services in Baltimore, MD.

It’s time to take a step closer to self-care and pamper yourself with some facial treatment. Pay attention to grooming yourself and honing your appearance with the best-in-class professional facial hair removal waxing.

From eyebrows to full face waxing, we use the highest quality products and expert techniques, to ensure you a less painful and quick process that yields great results. Our estheticians undergo extensive training to ensure flawless facial hair waxing services that make you look tidier and feel more confident inside out. We offer different types of face wax for men & women. So, relax in our comforting atmosphere while we work on giving you fresh and glowing skin.

Want to experience the most relaxing time with your skin? Schedule an appointment today for facial waxing near me in Baltimore.

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List of Facial Waxing Types

Chin Waxing

This is the most effective and long-lasting way to eliminate unwanted, coarse, and fluffy hair from your chin leaving you smooth and hair free.

Cheeks Waxing

Our cheeks waxing services can leave your face smooth and hair free for weeks. Our experts remove unwanted hair that can be an annoyance for you and, boost your confidence by waxing away the peach fuzz.

Sideburns & Hairline Waxing

Our beauticians wax your sideburns and hairline to give you that perfect and clean line, maintaining a natural hairline appearance.

Lip Waxing

We remove the unwanted hair from the upper lips area leaving it smooth and radiant. Feel confident with our upper lip waxing near me!

Ear Waxing

We wax off annoying ear hairs so your face will be left feeling silky-smooth and revitalized.

Nose Hair Waxing

Say goodbye to unwanted nose hairs and those tears with simple and quick nose hair removal services. Our esthetician applies the wax formula strips into both nostrils to treat nose hairs within a few minutes!

Full Neck Waxing

Our trained beauticians use highly quality waxes to remove all hair from the back of your neck up to the hairline.

Eyebrows Waxing

This is the most gentle and long-lasting way to define the shape of your eyebrows and get a cleaner and neater look. It is comparatively less painful than threading and tweezing.