Men’s Waxing


Mens Waxing Baltimore, MD

Drip’n Wax & Spa offers full body waxing for men in Baltimore including body waxing, facials, manicure, pedicures, and various other grooming treatments. We provide a wide variety of services, including arm waxing, leg waxing, back waxing, chest waxing, manzilian waxing, and more! Our professional team uses high-quality products and advanced techniques to enhance and maintain your appearance.

Have you been trying to trim hard-to-reach hair? Maybe you want super smooth skin and a cleaner look. At Drip’n Wax & Spa, our waxologists provide a less painful men’s waxing Baltimore that guarantees to give you soft, flowy skin. We use soft wax for larger areas of the body like the chest and back and for sensitive areas like the nose, we use hard wax. So our experts first test your skin and accordingly choose the soft strip or synthetic hard wax.

Our esthetician maintains 100% hygiene and cleanliness at the salon to give customers a more relaxing and rejuvenating experience just like never before.

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Various Men’s Waxing Services We Offer

Men’s Full-Arm Wax

Wrists to just below the shoulder – includes elbows

Men’s Back Wax

From below the neck to the underwear line

Between the Cheeks (BTC) Wax

Between the cheeks as a stand-alone service. In between the bum

Bro-Brazilian Wax

We offer professional male waxing in Baltimore to remove all the hair in the nether regions through Bro Brazilian wax.

Buttocks/BTC Wax

In between the bum

Inner Thighs Waxing

The hair on the inside of your thigh will be eliminated completely, giving you an instant confidence boost the next time you put on shorts. Remove all hair from the inside of the upper leg.

Men’s Chest Wax

From the collar to the breastbone region

Men’s Stomach Wax

Waxologists start just below the pecs and smooth your stomach from side to side while extending to just below the belt line.

Men’s Full Leg Wax

Ankle to the bikini area – includes knees

Men’s Half Legs Wax

Ankle to just below the knee – includes knees

Men’s Shoulder Wax

Rock those sleeveless tops with shoulder wax, this covers the front and back of your shoulders.

Men’s Underarm

Removes hair under the under-arm region


This body wax for men covers (or uncovers, you might say) the front, between the cheeks, and everywhere in between. Want to bare your booty, too? Try adding on the "glutes" service.


Looking to remove unwanted ear hair? We hear you! This quick service can make a big difference.


A quick nostril wax is the fastest service on the menu, and most guests say they barely feel a thing.


Walk out with your head held high with the confidence of knowing you’re smooth from under your chin to the back of your hairline.